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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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st delicious. now essex the fallout continues this morning. against the clippers owner donald sterling as he gets banned from nba for life. and severe weather slam is other states with heavy flooding and close to a foot of rain. and the big news is our weather today as we are in a heat wave that's garden this morning topping out at high temperatures today and tomorrow. this is the bay area's news station kron4 news at 6 starts now. a >> the morning i'm darya folsom and im mark danon. so
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sleepy now for most of us. because of the heat. >> especially for those of us without . >> already 50 degrees. it doesn't sound too hot. but 50 degrees at 6:00 a.m. really nice and comfortable. in fact let me pam out to greet you can see how this morning is turning out. it looks really nice. early in the morning or probably it later on in the evening because during the but middle of the day is going to be very hot. >> no kidding. and thanks of yoli. about a show of the matter with the current conditions vary looking at 60 and hayward. other places
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like san francisco. it is very out there. there's a good look at our headlines. sunny and hot. record heat possible. industrial that list of cities. tomorrow still warm. maybe it'll back out along the coast and inland temperatures are still got to be awfully warm for real with highs and the low 90s. then definitely cooler. marty to look at the forecast coming up. now 6 02. though be turned off by
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the conditions on aid to haiti. southbound through hayward. there was an accident reported her are
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more nba stars are coming out so happy applauding the nba commissioners the decision. there's zero tolerance for comment like that. we hope. i think the punishment was just right. >> there is a protest at a rally outside the stable center last night. many of
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them happy with this decision. the one thing that could be a problem is if there would be a battle to come here. protesting was at that and if the decision that came out last i have not in fact happen. so what's next for the search six sharks after last night's game. but following developing story fire crews on the scene of a house fire in san jose that broke out and to 30 this morning. mike pelton is alive. >> contractors are not here boarding up the hall with us to read all the time it that caught fire bridge here's of itself as a short time ago where san jose fire crews tore holes through the roof of of to let this steam
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vent out from the top. the good news is no one was, at the time of the ours so there are no entries treat the three people who live here have got to the hospital. that was around 1230. a two hours later the blaze broke out later. but what i was really concerned because we did not know if anyone was inside so it was really concerning and also because were all here female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news tracking an accident on the nimitz freeway. it has been clear to the shoulder here 880 southbound at to what will. the traffic nevertheless is starting to back up just north of highway 92. thank you george. three people injured and homeless encampments. the alameda county fire department responded to this area on has variable artist brings lake drive on the railroad tracks around 10:00 last night. they arrived and found two people critically burned and another also entered creed investigators to try to find out what caused this closure. all trees are reopened. >> while we are in the midst of a heat wave other parts of the country are dealing with this. another kind of severe weather and terrain. you can see the video that we have out of mobile,
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alabama. flooding there and on the right to, damage from a tornado flying in huntsville, alabama. that's our system has taken the least 35 lives in the south and midwest. a heavy downpour flooded streets with printable gulf coast. as well with runoffs and the tornado ripping through the areas making matters worse. so that's the situation there. the situation here is the key to which is really going to be pouring on today and tomorrow here in the bay area. to get a lot from our mount tam camera giving you a wide view of the bay. you can see it's clear out and it's windy which is causing complications for the hot weather. that's part of our
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back to the kron4 morning news was shane the weather is going to be a heat wave. mount tam cam looking over san francisco and not a cloud and the sky. and later on this afternoon that's going to me sun just beating down on you as you make your way around the bay particularly in our inland valleys. that's going to be the hottest even by the bay and defense by the coast it's going to be nice and warm. to collect some of the house it is we have on tap. santa rosa getting up to 94 degrees. december fell 90 to three nine is for some of these places. everyone is gone to
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the and the heat. does donald sterling-- now >>j.r.: the east bay's shoreline and the upper end is for some folks. oakland downtown today will be read about 86 for lake merritt street that could bring their record and near the museum. upper eighties to low 90s for the north
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ave. it is going to be hot today and talk again tomorrow. here's your 3 day outlook. for the next 48 hours of extreme heat particular for this time of year. it will cool off as we head toward friday as this high pressure begins to move away. if you're not a big fan of the heat or retreat at all the last two days and that we will see some relief. we'll have your beach forecast coming up so stay tuned for that. now on to traffic with a george. >>j.r.: james and joined critical weather around the bay area. while minor and said that slowing director hayward. on the traffic maps must take a look at some drive times like these are freeway commute still just 12 minutes hercules to berkeley. a great ride. so is the concord. in san ramon valley is still delay free 3580 of course it's heavy. here's the slow traffic in hayward. an accident 880 s southbound at what popery which means early delays for the corridor but the overall driving times are not that
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we did down to milpitas. some slowing downtown on the guadalupe parkway northbound. passing the 17. that's not unusual. the more grant wright looks great. all of southbound is still under 25 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge. speaking of bridges here's your bay bridge right metering lights activated. already backing up to a foot of the macarthur maze and fear 92 committed to the westbound rise still looks great only an 11 minute drive time again over to san mateo and here at the richmond san rafael bridge and no backup or delay for the westbound ride leading toward marin county. >>darya: 670 right now and world news. divers have now recovered 212 bodies from the sunken ferry boat in south korea. but the crews are fighting strong currents and floating debris inside the ship as they search for the 90 passengers still missing. bad weather has hindered search efforts for the pass several days, divers were able to retrieved more than
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a dozen bodies from the ship yesterday. the center that's a barnacle covered boat that was washed up on a beach in washington state could be from the 2011 tsunami and japan. it was discovered and ocean shores of that's about 130 mi. west of seattle officials are checking the boat to confirm their findings but if it's true it traveled 5,000 mi. across the pacific ocean. the coast guard and state department are asking the japanese consul in seattle for help to try and identify the boats. check this out.
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hurricane like when to cut all knocked over a big breaks along the interstate 7 day and thein limon colorado. their resentment of return trucks the district of the interstate was closed yesterday when the wind became too strong. nearly a dozen big rigs were rolled across the 20 mi. stretch of highway. among
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>>darya: of the senate is expected to reject president obama is increasing the federal minimum wage today. the bill would gradual way to boost announced $7.25 minimum to $10.10 over 30 months. but republicans are opposed to the bill but, raising the minimum wage a opposed to the bill but, raising the minimum wage a jobs keller. get 5% cash back at lowe's this quarter so you can score more cash. activate your 5% cash back at and killing morgan hill teenagers sierra lamar. garcia torres was indicted for her murder back in
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nature valley. nature at its most delicious. following yesterday's gains on wall street where the dow jones industrial climbed almost 87 points the nasdaq of 29 and the s&p 5 founder of almost nine. which is a gross domestic product to issues for the first three months of the year. the expectations with the u.s. economy grew at an annual rate of 1.2 percent but only grew at a rate of point to 1%. a disappointing news for economic growth here and the u.s. dow futures down five ahead of the opening bell. >> taken a look at was stranded around the web this morning the american cuisines like this will fortune contest had margaritas on her mind with solving a puzzle of the popular game show. rachel's
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very close to correctly saw and a puzzle under the water you doing category but in a crane or the moment she confidently suggested boozing was the missing word and a puzzle maybe try booking your shore excursion? the next contestant correctly solve the puzzle and one and all expenses paid crews to then go at least reduce answer fits. this note that warns u.s. you are also you don't want to run into. it helps you avoid people. but they call them the avoidees. the act is called split. the split user selects people to avoid an descants an area
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for these avoid these and if any of them are in the area split immediately provides the user an escape route to avoid the encounter. the hack and also the user seat who is hanging out with your avoid these. they continue locations to we're avoid these frequent so that you can stay clear. it can lead to on to an event that you're planning to attending. we will see. maybe could be that people use on a daily basis. gate slate kron4 no st >> apple says this morning it has made its new mac book cheaper. it knocked off $100 off the cost of the air. $100 off the 11 that sells for 900 now. >> 900 their bones. of the muscle when you come on. a 13 in. screen goes for 1200.
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and the up from there. the new versions have more storage which is - 3 forced a generation and so proud possessors. who would love all but they are feisty. , nothing made for it. >> york round of a prisoner to the apple way. still had on the kron4 morning knows a lot more coverage i must begin my journey,
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opening bell on wall street to a flat day. we are waiting to hear from a fed chairman to begin later this morning at 11:00 our time as the fed raps of it today policy to see of janet yellen has any major announcements. looks like it will open a few points lower this morning with a disappointing economic news. >> a major announcement here and the weather center it's going to be hot today and have tomorrow. >> hot and land for sure and also awed at the beaches. a think that's something that a lot of people should know
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about as they make their plans this week. >> make your plans to incorporate the beach. >> you're giving me that a look. >> i'm not saying but i'm just saying it's got to be very nice at the beach today and tomorrow one of the rare times of this year this time of year that it's a warm like this. clear skies and beautiful. now let's take a look at the beach forecasts. up a moderate 83 degrees of moss landing santa cruz 88. was like the map to ensure your row quickly closer to home for it were looking at pacifica 81 degrees 81 also and ocean beach 381 s. stinson beach. usually very cold at the database. but it was the beautiful. at the beach. you might want to drain the lunch hour drive out ocean beach and teachers at which one you look up and
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enjoy the sunshine. that's all i'm saying. will have extended forecast coming up a 645 and will talk more about that and just a moment. >>mark: cruise >>darya:
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>>j.r.: south on the day
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down passable and even though it's a record of the soldier it's turned out the reason why traffic is turned into a hot spot find another was of a chp dispatchers are having to go back up now because the land of them blocked a lot longer and then the other why should have been so that southbound ride on 88 is now backed up for about an extra six minutes for the trip as you head down towards milpitas. >> >>mark: the los angeles clipper is looking to refocus this morning in the wake of a lifetime ban against the team's owner donald sterling. and the commissioner adam silverman can the announcement of a maximum fine of $2.5 million with a lifetime ban from the
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support and urge other owners to vote to for sterling to sell his team. clippers coach d rivers as the commissioner did exactly what needed to be done. >> i felt the pressure on my players. everyone was waiting for them to give a response. and i kept thinking they did not do anything. yet today have to respond. i thought adam silver to date was fantastic. personally, i thought he made a decision of that really was the right to one that had to be made. i don't think this is something that's we rejoice then or anything like that. i think the there were just happy that there was a resolution and it was over. >> the clippers did beat the warriors last night in game 5 of the best of seven of playoff series 0113-1 03. >> we are one up. that was the sound of fans chanting " we are one of " early in the
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fourth quarter and the warriors vs. clippers playoff game. in game 5 is on the books as the warriors fell to the clippers 113-1 03 after an emotional day for the nba and hours after the legal ban the clippers owner donald sterling for life. the warriors lost. here are the highlights. warriors geometry jordan-- deandre jordan adn had 25 points a playoff career high and 18 rebounds and as for the splash brothers klay thompson led the doves with 21 points. the stephen curry wasn't on his game last night. he had only 17 points including four three- pointers and eight turnovers. david lee and andre iguodala scored 80
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points apiece clippers' lead series 3-2. playoff game 6 is thursday night in oakland. no one happening today east bay mud officials will announce a the first ever water supply from the sacramento river as it enters the san paolo reservoir the move was done to help combat drought conditions throughout the state. today's event includes tasting of the new water on the manzanita drive bridge and in orinda at 10 this morning. coming up on the kron4 morning news the latest on the cleanup and assault with states hit by severe weather tornadoes and flooding and scary moments before a couple after they hear a man's voice coming from their baby monitor as
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>>alecia: welcome back to the kron4 morning news now a hot spot the ride on 880 and the southbound direction adding 50 minutes to the drive times. you're now looking at 819 to 23 minute drive time from southbound to to 38 in milpitas and i went to 37 are accident at what will is still not clear happening now russian gunmen have seized another administrative building in eastern ukraine. a pro russian separatist occupied their regional government headquarters anin luhansk
6:41 am
today. several other buildings in the city were also seized. iraqis voted today in their first nationwide poll since the 2011 withdrawal of u.s. forces prime minister nuri al-maliki is battling for a third term in office. but he faces fierce opposition with secretary of violence at its most intense level in more than five years. al- maliki spoke after casting his vote. he said the people of iraq did not let terrorists stop them from voting. suicide bomber struck several polling stations and other locations in a wave of attacks in baghdad and northern iraq on monday and tuesday. dozens of people were killed and injured.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news trickling up efforts underway in the southern part of the country this morning after severe weather that's been around since sunday. though some self pushed floodwater into the florida panhandle and other parts of the gulf coast. this is video of the cleanup efforts to mayflower arkansas. this is where a half mile wide tornado karsten 80 mi. pass through little rock's of birds. >>darya: our weather is focused on the heat. and this is not a problem if you have air-conditioning. >> yes it's our extreme weather will put it that way. the matter where you are here's a quick look at where you could be had with a record-breaking temperatures we expect. the column right next to agree
6:45 am
to the record-breaking temperatures. the blood is expected for today. 92 it covers that 13 napa physical degrees of from the record. livermore also looking to be awfully close. 86 the forecast ride today. the old record 80 so that could be a record the false this afternoon. gilroy it 96 degrees this afternoon. we have some role there. but it could very well happen. to have that on the list as well. it's going to be have no matter how you cut it. temperatures already on the warm side for some communities. already 62 degrees. if 60 in hayward 62. these bay delta. san
6:46 am
francisco downtown dod at 84 degrees. even out of the coast ocean beach in daly city. saturday sunday temperatures coming down isolate. >>j.r.: an accident on 880 southbound in hayward just out of what will roll the really kind of the right here because the tow trucks that were originally dispatched to the st. calls called after some time to say they cannot make of the eta that we've asked us to soak the chp had to find alternate alternate means to clear up the of roadway.
6:47 am
that's backed up all the way to washington on 880 southbound. 24 minutes to drive time now from to 38 down to 237 which is about 8 minutes longer the what it should be for this time of the morning. stop a freeway still look pretty good. a little slow in starting to develop 4101. the no. they've tried basically problem free pretty well under 30 minutes from a bottle down to the golden gate bridge. a quick bridge check for you agree that looking at your favorite to ride her it a pretty easy trip here and the westbound direction. and you're ride for highway 580 westbound three still looks good. now back up at the 580 split the ad for the westbound ride to the toll plaza. a little slowing in the cash lanes westbound. >> thanks allot george through the some of the stories that typical three people per class nine and an explosion at a homeless encampment in san leandro. have been near
6:48 am
the rover old tracks in the areas of this variable of bart and sprinkle it could drive around 10:00. you can see more on the investigation that's underway on our web site. on kron4 dog, a woman is dead after she text while driving but it was when she tested that's making headlines and it involved for else hit song capacity. read more about this accident on kron4 got,--pharrell's hit song "happy" >>darya: and the video does, i wrote this morning out of jacksonville, florida. a young boy's terrifying fall after his father picked him off escape route. the boy considered a skateboard and prodigy can be heard screaming in pain as he falls to the bottom of the ramp. you could see a full video at the
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two-year old girl in minnesota is getting a lifesaving gift from a stranger who lives more than 5,000 mi. away. r.e.m. or has a rare genetic disorder that is gearing * bahrain her kidneys. --ariana moore has a rare genetic disorder that is scarring her kidneys. she has been kept alive for the last two years with a dialysis machine. saw maung decided to take some action created a paisley someone to give her daughter a chance at life a new kidney. and christie harding of florida who it is typically ignores pages with sick children to read this one. harding to was so moved by the story that she is donating her kidney. christie is lined up to two cities next week for the surgery. on monday,
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australia's prime today with a number ofand game five is in the1st quarter tonight at 715 giants/padres matt cain scratched after cutting his finger with a knife in the clubhouse bottom 1st/ 1-0 giants buster posey solo home run
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off eric stults 2-0 giants top 2nd yusmeiro petit in for cain strikes out nick hundley swinging to end the inning bottom 3rd/ 2-0 giants hector sanchez playing catcher with posey at 1st tonight singles to center hunter pence and posey score 4-0 giants final: 6-0 giants machi and casilla combined for 3 scoreless innings in relief today a's at rangers 5:05 a's/rangers ron washington former a's ron washington former a's coach now skipper of the wall yoenis cespedes on all your purchases. albeo albeo ca so you can use your cash back... to follow your dream. so you... can save the day.
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chase freedom. so you can.
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>>dan: come morning. during the graduation wahl, a lot
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of students tried to do something memorable onstage but check this out. but this definitely takes the cake. a college graduation and with a student who tried a backflip and that backfired. it happened that davenport university in grand rapids michigan. instead of landing on his feet he went smack dab on his face street you could see all of the startled faces of professors and students and families. he said holding things prevented him from getting his full rotation. but it was a spur of the moment think. i i apologize to the people behind me who may have taken a shine away from them. but he got the slipper rights. unfortunately not all states this time but definitely something embarrassing to experience in front of the students parents professors and potential job employers.
6:55 am
them out of these powerful storms that are hammering the area. this is pensacola print other stories we are following. something you should be worried about if you're young parents and have a baby monitor. another one. i heard a voice are screaming at my daughter. he was screaming wake of a baby and then to stay long yellow. screaming at her. >> tech expert said this can happen to anyone street wireless ip cameras like this is an easy way for a
6:56 am
hacker is open a cyber door directly in your home. this is the best advice is to change your password on your wife as well as a camera yourself. a pennsylvania woman this morning is survived falling off of a platform and they're on to train tracks of philadelphia and there's we do you concede there. on the edge 3 way closer then she should be and off she goes. what did that's. she fell on to the electrified third rail and police say that few people have never left its to about that. here's what we're working on for the 7:00 hour the kron4 morning news the bay area heat wave taken a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. coming up a 745 the warriors.
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kron4 news and seven starts now. good morning im darya folsom and im mark danon. whatever to the weather center with the james fletcher. >> here's a live look outside. we're going to be
7:00 am
nice we are talking low eighties for ocean beach. santa cruz and i said to enjoy the ocean. oftentimes it's cold out there but today is going to be a different story. in fact it's going to be hot enough that we put together a list of our hottest cities. an active 92 sells at 91. a lot of my decision go down the map. i'll explain why in our


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